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One of the best things in life is having great wine with a delicious meal and enjoyable company. The more you know, the more likely you are to create the ideal food and wine pairings; the more you practice, the closer to perfection you can get--and have fun in the process!--that is what this group is all about.

Cencibel is a women's group dedicated to study of enological and culinary arts.

Our pursuit begins with local chefs, whom we often ask to provide a multi-course, wine-friendly menu showcasing some of their favorite creations. The members of Cencibel "take the challenge" by matching wines to the food served. One bottle per person per event; we usually have two to three wines per course to taste with the dish.

We are a group interested in learning. So, each member does some homework on her chosen wine and educates the group while the wine is poured and enjoyed: why was this bottle chosen? Tell us about the grape, winemaker, region, etc.

The best way to learn is, of course, to enjoy your study. So we taste, compare, discuss, and enjoy! We certainly do our best to make every Cencibel event informative and educational, delicious, and fun!

We started in 1999 with five women around the table building on this idea. By 2005, our sixth year, the supporting membership had grown to more than 50 dynamic women.

Interested in joining us?

We are interested in members who:

(1) have a passion for fine wine & food pairing; expert status is not required, it's the passion that counts;

(2) are dedicated to supporting our group functions; and

(3) who enjoy the educational pursuit.

Annual dues of $20 for the calendar year January through December help to cover our expenses, including this site. Thanks to all of our members who keep Cencibel going!

If this sounds like the kind of group you would enjoy being a part of then let me know; we would love to meet you. Fill out the form below and I'll be touch!

Cheers! Deb Denis, Founder


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